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Usagi-chan Bunny Treats

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$.99 Download

Our artist here at Tamago no Heya teamed up with Intropy Games to bring you an adorable cooking game just for your iOS or Android powered device!

Usagi-chan the bunny is looking for you to help her create delicious treat recipes. Join her in this adorable mobile game creating fun recipes by mixing different ingredients. Each new recipe you make, you can add as an ingredient and make even more recipes! Show your friends what you are making in this addictively fun game. Some desserts you may know by heart, while others you might have to learn what they are!

Over 90+ ingredients to play with!

A free version with 20 ingredients is also available to download, so if you would like you can try out the game before you purchase it!

Download the game from iTunes or the Android Market!

Android Version iOS Version