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Welcome to Tamago no Heya! We specialize in creating cute and fun designs used on buttons, t-shirts, stationary, and more! All designs are created by Sarah K, illustrator and comic artist.

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May 3, 2013

It's snowing!! Cuddle up with Yuni-chan the Unicorn

Oh boy, it's unfortunate that I have to announce this, but it is May 3rd where we are here and there was a blizzard this morning! Not fun! But we've got some great news for all you lovers of cute out there!
Yuni-chan T-Shirt
Yuni-chan T-shirt

(More colors available!)

Introducing our new t-shirt design and character, Yuni-chan! Yuni-chan was requested by a fan of Tamago no Heya's! We were asked to create a unicorn character and our artist though that it was such a splendid idea that she set right off to do it! Thus, Yuni-chan was born!

Yuni-chan is a unicorn that loves to play and frolick with her friends, but there's just one thing... she is afraid to fly with her own tiny wings... she prefers to ride on her magic cloud that sends rainbows shooting out behind it!

Head right on over to our shop and get your own before it's too late!!

And if you have any questions about our products or website, head over to our contact area and shoot us an e-mail!


April 25, 2013

Meet Momo-kun, the newest addition!

Momo-kun T-shirt

(More colors available!)

Hello everyone!

I've had a wonderful weekend meeting some of you lovely people and have even had the pleasure of seeing someone wearing one of my shirts! How awesome is that?? It took all of my willpower to not lunge over the table I was sitting at and attack the girl with hugs and 'thank you's, so I decided to (as calmly as possible) as her if I could take her photo!

But enough of the gushy stuff, let's talk about more products!

Today we are showcasing one of our newest characters, Momo-kun! He's a fluffly little doggy that loves seeing smiling faces so he smiles all the time!

Along with this announcement, we'd also like to mention that this shirt is ONLY $19.99 with really affordable shipping!

Check out Momo-kun and keep an eye out for more Momo-kun products in the future!!


September 25, 2012


Cutie Pie Apple T-shirt

(More colors available!)

Worker Bees T-Shirt

(More Colors available!)

It's been a while, hasn't it! Our artist has been hard at work at a full time job, and it's been a crazy couple of months for her! But we're back now with some brand new designs, as well as a brand new charm collection on the way!

We've got 2 new t-shirt designs, the Cutie Pie Apple T-shirt, and the Worker Bees T-shirt for your viewing pleasure!

Along with that, we have a whole set of new charms coming in for our "Cutie Pie" collection! Not only is there an apple pie, there is a whole arsenal of adorable pies for you to decorate virtually anything with!

Grab some cute and go with it!


October 4, 2011

Stickers are now HERE!!

We have some very exciting news! We now sell stickers!! And to kick off our new sticker sets is the absolutely adorable Kisetsu Kitty!!


"Kisetsu" means "Season" in Japanese, and Kisetsu Kitty loves dressing in cute clothes and accessories that represent each of the 4 seasons!

You get FIFTEEN stickers printed in full color on durable vinyl for easy re-application with NO sticky residue! And to top it all off with the whipped cream and cherries, these stickers are ONLY $2.99 each!!

Head on over to our SHOP to get yourself a sheet (or two, or three!!) of these simply adorable stickers, Kisetsu Kitty!

And don't forget, you can suggest designs for our t-shirts, buttons, charms, and MORE by tweeting us or writing on our Facebook wall!

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!